February 12
Westminster. The very interesting videoreporting.
February 12
International Show of Dogs in Brno (CACIB).
Results of Show.


Brief review of events of 2006.

Very sad news.
Unfortunately the saddest information refers to "Memorial" column.
Very good news.
One of the most significant events was acquisition of smooth coat male Music Velvet Berkly (nick name Bubenya) for our kennel. I brought him from Italy where I visited the famous kennels "Music Velvet" and "Di Rio Galeria". I would like to stress that they are considered to be very successful in the world.
The proof of it is their beautiful Chihuahua dogs which do not need "graphic improvement".We have several magnificent dogs from "Music Velvet" and "Di Rio Galeria" in our country. They are the result of the high professionalism of these kennels (look "Links" on this site).
Some more good news.
Dog Show season was launched in autumn. It was started by "Russia-2006" which became a discovery for us. The rumors about my "cynological death" were an exaggeration ... My young dogs that were shown for the first time got the titles of the Country Champions (Rozovy Agat Epiphania and Music Velvet Berkly). Our puppies and puppies' kids who stay in other kernels show great results and we are delighted to see that. I am very proud of them and feel like sharing their success. We have now a column being designed which will narrate about our champions and winners. I hope it will not be boring.
One more piece of good news.
The number of chihuahuas in Moscow has increased considerably which is natural as the interest towards this breed rises. What is more important is the quality of the Russian breeding which has improved considerably. It makes our friends happy and irritates those who pretend to be such.
Chihuahua rings became crowded and shows became more interesting. Though their results are sometimes questionable the main incentive for serious kennel owners is and was to be able to demonstrate the results of their creative work in breeding. Also to compare their work with that of the colleagues and to make conclusions.
Life is going on. I wish everyone success!

These events (and some other) took place in 2005.

Ours Rozovy Agat Eol Wlastitel Wetrov (Serjoga) has received a title the Champion of Russia. We congratulate Mrs. Olga Suworova (owner)! One more our son, Rozovy Agat Biscuit (Kostik), was awarded with a rank "Best Baby" and has occupied a honourable Third place in Best of Babies, at an dog how of club "Kynolog". At same show ours Young Champion of Russia Rozovy Agat Matvej Baloven Sudbi became his fourth САС. We congratulate Mrs.Olga Larina (ow. of kennel "Iz Kollektsii Imperatora), owner of these remarkable chi boys with their successes!

And still heading "Videogallery", Russian and English version has opened. The short videoplots will tell and will show you something from life of the inhabitants of some chihuahua kennels (mine and others).

Rozovy Agat Matvej Baloven Sudbi (El La Qwinta's B.J.& Amalia) the Young Champion of Russia is awarded by a title. We congratulate M-m Olga Larina, owner of the young champion. On a site of kennel "Iz Collectii Imperatora " (see "Links") can be found out details.

The heading "Our friends" is open.

In Austria (Tulln), on European Dog Show 2005 ours Bonifacij Iz Ljubimoj Skazki (From a Favourite Fairy tale) ( daddy Rozovy Agat Di Amore Cerubino (Pafnutij), mum Rozovy Agat Silvia Delicio) has received prize-winning, third, place on a class young (s/c)!!! The boy has got in number best (four prize-winning places), at a very rigid competition. Our sincere congratulations to Irina Evdokimova (breeder and owner of kennel " Iz Ljubimoj Skazki" - see "Links")! Wishes of many successes Julia Romanova, owner of our prize-winner!


Attention, please!

Dear sirs! You have an opportunity to read the new standard of breed in a heading "Standard ".

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